Hello, I’m Dini! My journey into millinery began as a passion project back when I was in Brunei. The enchanting Melbourne Cup events with the Australian community there sparked my love for creating hats. In 2020, I formally launched my millinery venture.

Upon returning to Australia with my family in 2019, I found myself amidst Melbourne’s lockdowns. It was during this time that I decided to enhance my millinery skills. I pursued and successfully completed a Certificate 4 in Millinery from Kangan Institute in Richmond in 2022.

In 2023, I’m proud to have established my own millinery business in my Melbourne studio. Meeting clients and learning their stories and collaborating with them to transform their ideas into personalized headwear is my passion.

Melbourne’s ever-changing seasonal palettes inspire me, providing a canvas to craft headwear that speaks to individual expressions.

I offer both online and in-person consultations. Feel free to explore my online collections for inspiration or pieces that catch your eye. Your ideas are always welcome, and I’m here to bring them to life.