Custom Orders

We are excited to embark on this journey with you to create your very own custom masterpiece. 

In person consult: For our clients who are situated locally and have the opportunity to visit our workshop in Camberwell (VIC), an in-person consultation is highly encouraged. This avenue allows you to bring along your attire, shoes, accessories, and material samples. By doing so, we can meticulously tailor a hat that perfectly complements your ensemble.

Virtual Consult: Should an in-person consultation be unfeasible, we have the perfect solution in the form of a virtual consultation. This allows us to extend our services to you, regardless of location.

Getting started: To get started with either option, kindly complete the pre-consultation questionnaire provided below. We’re eager to commence this journey with you and will reach out promptly to further assist you.

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Measure with Care: Take a soft tape measure and encircle it around the widest part of your skull. Make sure it’s positioned about 1 cm above your ears and approximately 2 cm above your eyebrows.

Gentle Wrap: As you measure, remember not to pull the tape too tightly. An overly snug measurement could lead to an uncomfortably tight hat.

The Right Range: Keep in mind that most head sizes typically fall within the range of 52 cm to 64 cm.

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